Why its a good idea to Manage your Apple ID

apple_two_step_verification_ipad_heroThere is a lot of confusion out there about the difference between an Apple ID and an iCloud account.

And often there is good reason for this.

Your Apple ID and your iCloud account can be the same thing but they can also be sepparte.

For example…

I have an iCloud account and so does my wife. I cannot see her address book or calendar and no she mine. And thats a good thing because I don’t really want to know that she is going to “how to murder your husband meetings” on a Friday night. Ignorance is bliss.

But we do share my Apple ID for purchases.

So if you do have two Apple identities its easy to remember that the Apple ID is for spending money and the iCloud account is for managing data (Address Books, Calendars, Bookmarks…that kind of thing)

But there are advantages in emerging your Apple ID and your iCloud email address because some services (like syncing Notes) don’t work if you have used a foreign email address as your iCloud user name.

For the sake of an example, lets pretend that you created your Apple ID years and years ago using your gmail account. Your Apple ID email address is james.bond@gmail.com. And just last year you bought an iPhone and created an iCloud account james.bond@me.com.

This is how you make them all the same and enjoy all the benefits of your iCloud account.


1. Navigate to appleid.apple.com

2. Click on Manage your Apple ID

3. Click on Add Email Address and type in your iCloud email address.

4.Once Added simply click on the blur button to associate that new email address with your Apple ID.



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