I want to thank you for the work you did on my Mac laptop. It now works faster and better than I have ever known it to function. I almost find it hard to adapt to its speed. It’s an amazing change, and I’m incredibly grateful.

Thank you so much for giving this “old” computer a new life.

I also found every aspect of the service process very friendly and supportive. Great work all round from you and your team!

Andrew Pike

Ronin Films


Thanks for your prompt and professional service Renny! My old MacBook Pro is now running like a new machine with upgraded ram & a new solid state hard drive. You’ve done an excellent job and I highly recommend your services to anyone needing help with Apple products.

Brett Cullen


Many thanks Renny for your prompt action and response and kindness in sorting out my old Desktop Mac OS X, keyboard and for your advice. Nice to receive such good service, it is a rare thing these days.

Diane Phillips


I called Renny in an absolute panic (not for the first time!) at 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon after inadvertently clicking on a link in a dodgy email. I left a message and Renny called back within minutes. Our conversation lasted about ten minutes, after which the problem was solved, and even though I insisted on paying him for his time, Renny refused any reimbursement. I just can’t speak highly enough of Renny and the incredible service that he provides. MacServices is the best!



Thank you Renny for your help yesterday. You brought your knowledge and experience to the situation in a way that did not make Sue nor I feel stupid for what we did not know. Too many technicians are not able to do that.

Kevin Dilks


I lost some files on my Mac the other day so I called Mac Services around mid morning. Renny answered the call and I briefly informed him of my dilemma he advised me not to use the machine and he would attend at 1:30pm, he arrive on time as advised. After an hour Renny had successfully retrieved the missing files conducted a few security tests and fix other important bits on my Mac. The man a genius, thanks Renny

I highly recommend Mac Services to all.

Bob Wade


Renny’s monthly blogs are a super resource – not only in relation to current problems but also as an archived source for avoiding other difficulties and risks.

Celia Burgess


DIY is fun until you can’t figure out how to finish the job. Thanks to Renee [sic] for sorting everything out so thoroughly and getting my old Mac feeling like a youth again.

Annette Smith


Brilliant! My Mac would not start, I thought I would have to get a new one, but no – Rennie [sic] fixed it in a couple of days, no data lost, and a very reasonable price.

Rowan Element


Renny is great, patient, knowledgeable and he fixed it!
The Mac was so slow and then I had malware. Renny sorted it all out for me.
Highly recommend

Julie Kidd


Macservicesact has looked after us for many years and we have always found them to be professional, ethical, responsive and knowledgeable. They are great communicators, too and regularly provide very useful newsletters and IT tips. Highly recommend this business.

Rita Harvey


Thanks for what you have done to my iMac. It`s absolutely awesome…From my recent experiences I`d say that you are the gold standard in Apple technicians.

Ian Hawkins


Some years ago, Mac One gave us the name of three Mac experts that they recommended. You were the third one we tried. As is commonly said in many contexts, the difference between these three experts was like that between chalk and cheese. You are equivalent to an extremely fine French camembert, and the other two are in the chalk category. Not only are you better on site but your “after sales service” is dramatically better than that of the other two blokes.

Thank you so much for the help and advice you have given us in recent years. We would not even think of using anyone else for our Mac support, and we continue to recommend you to anyone who might need help.

Lance and Urve Black


Genius! it seems to work.

Thanks so much Renny, so much smarter than Mr/Ms Gooogle!

Jennifer Prosser

Design Emergency



I was going mental trying to get the flash player to do its thing (it had been working ok). Thought ‘I’d better talk to Renny so opened your website to get details and there in your blog was my problem which I was able to fix with your spot on guidance.

Faye Nicholas


Renny is amazing! His care, patience and understanding was greatly appreciated during recent repairs/upgrade to my beloved mac. From the first phone call Renny instilled a great sense of confidence and his communication during the repair was second to none. Further, the repair took less than half the time quoted by others.
I have nothing but the utmost confidence in recommending Renny and his services to anyone requiring a professional efficient and friendly service that was very reasonably priced. Thank you Renny.

Martin Urban


Just want to say thank you for all your hard work. All our photos, music and document files have been saved. Im so happy. 🙂

MIchelle Porombka


Thanks again for all your great work. I’m really happy and relieved that you saved so much info.
The laptop is faster and I’m backing up as I type!!

I’ll certainly be recommending you to other Mac users I know!

Darren Weineat


You do a good job of looking after me.

Amy Pryor


Hey Canberra people, if you’re looking for a passionate knowledgable guy to help you with your Mac devices in Canberra, look no further than Renny Willins!

Brad McDonald


Renny, you changed my life!

Vanessa Crimmins


A half-dozen heart-felt high- fives for all your patient problem solving! I can’t believe it is sorted. Long ago I had farewelled any idea of a resolution because of the complexity of all the problems. Thankyou for your persistance and effort.(not to mention genius!)

Liz Begbie



I laughed out loud more than once! Your newsletter is a delight to read!


Anna Pembroke


Oh!!!! Got it! Done it! Renny Willins is a God!

Anne Pullen

The improved speed of response following the insertion of SSD drives in my Apple Desktop (2008) and my Macbook Pro (2013) respectively, has been quite amazing. Both open from startup within 15-20 secs whereas previously it took more than 2 minutes. The response when calling up apps is virtually instantaneous. Its a very cheap price to basically get the same speed responses as current models.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Tony Powell


Thanks Renny – excellent service everything is going well. Will certainly pass the word re your service. Also fixed my sons email (in the USA)- which has caused us huge stress over the past 12 months.

Sharon and Mark Jobling


Thank you Renny for bringing my MacBook Pro back to top performance.

I heard that you were good… but now I know you are.
Especially when you said you would treat it as your own. That gave me real confidence.

Bill Pearson

Hall Studio

Graphic Artist


Renny has serviced our Apples for well over ten years. He has sorted out many problems and worked with many generations of Macbooks, i Macs, Airs and even many years ago, the G3 and G4 Apples. . I am totally confident of Renny’s professionalism, honesty, integrity, reliability and skill. He provides impartial wise advice and he uses his extensive experience, knowledge and logic to efficiently problem solve He does all of this with grace and good humour – even when problems have been caused by my incompetence. Sometimes, when Macs were less reliable than now, I have even sent him desperate emails while traveling and he has patiently answered them. What more could I ask? Thanks so much Renny.

Sue Upton

Upton Martin Consulting


Thanks again, you are a lifesaver.

Sherryn Bellis

We replaced all of our PCs with Mac products and were a little confused with the difference.  After pulling our hair out we contacted Renny who provided us with efficient, timely and cost effective service.  Our office was up and running in no time and the staff are able to call Mac Services any time they have a problem.  As our business continues to grow, we are confident to know we will be able to call on the support from Renny and the team at Mac Services.  Their new website is very easy to understand and use – nice work as usual.

Peter Blayney




I Love him.

Ingrid McKenzie
New Lives



Renny is a genius!

With friendly and efficient service, our practice could not be any more grateful to know him not only on the professional side but as a friend too.

Very reliable when trouble occurs!!

Highly recommended to all.

Thanks for everything Renny

 Dr Keith Mountain and Staff at The Tuggeranong Orthodontic Centre   =)


Thanks heaps… Your expertise was most appreciated… Will definitely recommend you to others…

Vivian Crane


I never got the chance to thank you for the reparations the new case and the ram
Its been a long time since it the laptop ran so well and its better than ever
I really appreciate this and thank your daughter too.

Dr  Amine Allali


You’re one of the best contacts I’ve had in years! I admire professionalism: a scarce commodity nowadays.

John Chiragakis


You Rock!!

Carmel O’Sullivan
Canberra Psychology Clinic


Happily experienced your helpfulness and expertise on several occasions and intending anther one soon. I hope somebody has contacted you from the many to whom I have sung your praises!

Doris Nicoll


I really appreciate your website, and your insights and no-nonsense discussions.
I wish I visited your website more often!

Larissa Dann
Parent Effectiveness Training


We have recently engaged Renny Willins Mac Services) to maintain our network of Mac computers here at the Australian Council of National Trusts.
I have found Renny to be completely reliable, helpful and professional, he has always been extremely punctual for meetings and service calls, and his work is second to none.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Renny to anyone requiring Mac support.

Lee Davie
National Trust



I have used the services of Renny Willins for some years now and it has been a pleasure to deal with MacServices through him. He is reliable and I feel no question I might ask is too trivial for him to answer. I have particularly appreciated the fact that he actually uses programs such as iLife and he brings that experience to his solutions to my problems in iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD in particular.

Dawn Laing
Avid iLife User


I have come to rely on Mac Services both in business and at home. Renny is always quick to respond and provides a flexible and quality service. Although Renny specialises in Macs he has been of great help with PC’s as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Mac Services to others.
David E Jones
Counselling, Consulting & Training


“Thanks Renny.
Everything works fine.  Little David is gradually mastering the LEGO software and is proceeding to make his first robot!
Our aim is to complete this week end and get it to do robot things!
It is wonderful to see him work with this technology.
I could not have done it without your help.”

Richard Mackey


“there are those in our industry/service that leave much to be desired due to their
lack of commitment to their clients and there are those who by their demonstrated professional approach to their clients shine like beacons to others who are willing and able to learn and then develop skills and attitudes that make our industry great I take my hat, baseball cap, off to you for being a shining example of the latter thank you for being some one who I can confidently refer any Mac leads to”

David Williamson
ACT Computer Helpline


“Knowing macservices is available whenever I have computer problems has taken the stress out of design work since I became self employed. Renny’s professionalism, accessibility, affordable rates, and passion for solving Mac mysteries provides a sense of security and trust”

Carolyn Brooks
Artist, Designer and illustrator


“Renny has provided outstanding and timely assistance to me in changing from

PC to Mac and for transferring a large quantity of files and emails electronically.

Renny’s quick response to give me assistance with my internet connection when
both my ISP and the Router manufacturer were next to useless was invaluable when
I had a tight business deadline.

I have recommended Renny’s Macservice to many personal friends and professional
colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Mark Gleeson
Performance Management & Development


“I have found that in my novice state, the Mac Services pages have been very useful in a general educational sense and a “comfort” in knowing that I can ask for help if I get into too much strife.  Fingers crossed, thus far there have not been too many spinning beach balls.”

Richard Tulip


“We recently purchased 2 IMac computers and being new to Apple we really needed help with connecting them to our home PC network. Contacting Renny from M@CSERVICES was about the best thing we could have done. He very quickly had all computers sharing files and printers and installed our backup system for the IMacs. At the same time he shared helpful tips about Apple computing. For pleasant service and knowledge we would be happy to recommend him.”

Patsy and Barry Allan


“I have happily used MacServices and Renny for many years – he has kept my computers up and running smoothly for the whole time – an essential when your business is based on digital information and quality detail.
I highly recommend him.”

David Reid



“Macservices has been a godsend for me for a few reasons.
1. You are prepared to do home visits as well as work for big clients
2. You are wonderfully non-judgemental about my ineptitude
3. You are friendly and non-patronising
4. You have the great system of a free home visit if we recommend a new client for you
5. Your regular email has help solve many queries
6. Your service gives me a sense of security in that I know there is someone “out there” to come to my rescue”

Mary French


“We can highly recommend Renny of MacServices for his prompt attention to our problems and his willingness to sort out both complicated and simple issues”

Alan Ferguson
Plastic Surgeon


“I find Mac Services a wonderful lifeline.  Means I can solve any of my computer problems quickly and effectively.”

Susan Price


“Macservices have given me a quick, friendly, personal and highly professional service. What more do I need?”

John Chiragakis


“We would like to pass on our gratitude to Renny for his patience and nurturing when we have any problems, when we first started with our computer, we were complete novices, he was very encouraging and set us up well, he is always there for us at any time. We find his website a great source of information already researched to keep us updated, it is well presented with lots of information and humor, we have no hesitation in recommending him.”

John & Lorraine Francis

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