The ACT government have free e-waste recycling centres at Mugga Lane tip and Mitchell.

Full details can be found on their website


Other options include services like Renewable Processes. This local company has taken recycling to a whole new – and very welcomed – level.

Renewable Processes doesn’t resell your old computer and nor do they just remove the hard disk or ram and then throw it away. When you take it to Renewable Processes you can be sure that they recover almost 98% of the computer, TV, monitor, printer, etc and turn it into all kinds of useful items.

Your old Mac really will have almost zero impact on the environment.

Only some of things they do are:

  • Glass from a CRT is given to Canberra Glassworks
  • Main boards are ground down and turned into pellets for sleepers
  • Inferior glass is put into pavers
  • Copper is recovered
  • Lead is recovered
  • Wiring recovered

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