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Is your Mac slow?

Update 16th March 2020: While this article talks at some length about 2012-2014 iMacs it must be said that asn SSD upgrade or any Mac that you find useful will benefit from this upgrade. It has been simply ages since I have been able to write anything useful. Perhaps you’ve wondered what I was doing, …

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Replacing Excel

I have been blabbing on about Pages over Word but we all know there is more to Office than just Word. What about, I hear you yell, Excel and PowerPoint? Very few people, outside of business, use Excel with anything like the same frequency of  Word. There are a lot more notes to the kids …

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The Subscriptions Bus is coming. Like it or not

There is a very good chance that history will judge my last article as somewhat wayward. And I would be forced to agree because it started out as a guide to cloud based services and ended as something of a rant against Microsoft and Office 365. This article, I hope, will go a long way …

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