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Office is moving to M1 (yawn)

Support for Apple’s M1 chip is certainly ramping up. While most applications will happily work in emulation, Adobe Photoshop and the gang is on track to be M1 native by early this year.  Also, Parallels has announced that a version of their Windows emulator will be moving to AMD (rather than Intel) so we can …

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Is your Mac slow?

Update 16th March 2020: While this article talks at some length about 2012-2014 iMacs it must be said that asn SSD upgrade or any Mac that you find useful will benefit from this upgrade. It has been simply ages since I have been able to write anything useful. Perhaps you’ve wondered what I was doing, …

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Replacing Excel

I have been blabbing on about Pages over Word but we all know there is more to Office than just Word. What about, I hear you yell, Excel and PowerPoint? Very few people, outside of business, use Excel with anything like the same frequency of  Word. There are a lot more notes to the kids …

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The Subscriptions Bus is coming. Like it or not

There is a very good chance that history will judge my last article as somewhat wayward. And I would be forced to agree because it started out as a guide to cloud based services and ended as something of a rant against Microsoft and Office 365. This article, I hope, will go a long way …

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