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Your old software will soon retire for good

I know, it sounds terrible but it is true. In a few months time Apple will release 10.15 and with it full 64bit computing and that means 32bit apps will no longer function. Now I don’t want to get you bogged down in what 32bit and 64bit mean… (essentially it is how the application addresses …

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Mojave anyone?

It has been a long time since I was both this excited, and scared of an update in equal measure. For starters, Mojave promises some very cool – and useful – features but it also heralds the age of 64bit MacOS and this means only one thing… a lot of older software is now history. …

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RansomWare attacks remind us to keep our macs up-to-date

The recent Ransomware attack on May, 2017 was big news. Really big. This was mainly because the Wannacry virus hit Government servers and shut down hospitals and other services all around the world, thus threatening global finance and lives. It was, in fact, the largest Ransomware attack in history. As this was a Windows only attack I …

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