Technology ages like dogs

picture of an old dog with glasses

It’s not unreasonable to think that your technology should last longer but it’s a mistake to think that manufactures make them to breakdown early.
The truth is technology ages like dogs and a five year old computer is actually in its retirement. A computer that lasts longer is, in technical terms, a zombie.
The decline of your computer is very conspicuous. It’s evident every time you turn it on and then read a book while it boots up. It is obvious that it’s getting on a bit when you try and open your photo library and your hair grows another inch while you wait for the pictures to appear on screen.
But there is one piece of hardware whose slow slide into dementia goes unnoticed because it is not in your face everyday and that is your modem.

The slowness of your internet connection might not be the work of a lazy ISP or those old copper wires but rather the slow decline of your modem. The components of your modem are like any other device but unlike most devices that get turned off and cool down, your modem is usually on 24/7 for years on end.

If your modem is five years or older it might be worth replacing it for a newer model and you might see a dramatic increase in access speeds. A good ADSL modem from Netgear is worth around $200.00 and if you run broadband via someone like transact, then an Airport Extreme or a Time Capsule is a great modem/router.

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    Hi Renny,
    Please kieep me on your list. Loved the above comments. Tech lit knowledge with a sense of humour, that’s rare!

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