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Off Site Backup

If you have been visiting this website for any length of time you will have probably gathered I have something of a bee in my bonnet about backup. Backup is probably the single most important thing you can do for your Mac and yet there are those that still don’t do it. Or do it but …

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Removing Specific items from your Time Machine Backup

Time Machine backs up everything and as your disks starts to fill up it dutifully goes back to the beginning of time and starts deleting older files and backups to make more room. But imagine something like this and maybe it will relate to you…. Lets say you have a folder on your desktop that …

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Backup to more than one Time Capsule

Nearly everyone these days has more than one Mac whether it be a desktop and laptop or maybe two laptops. I even know families who have a laptop per person! Unfortunately traditionally you have only been able to back up to one Time Capsule or one external hard disk at a time using Time Machine. …

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