Why does Telstra sell you an Android phone

If you go into a Telstra, or Optus outlet for that matter, and ask for a new Smartphone chances are they will push an Android into your hand.

“An iPhone!??!!” they will exclaim in horror, “Why would you want an iPhone?”

(That is a direct quote from one of my clients when she asked for an iPhone recently)

Is this because as telecommunication specialists they know something we don’t about the iPhone?

Have they conducted exhaustive tests and have found the Android phone to be a superior device?

Are they trying to give the customer the possible device to suit their needs?

Sadly the answer to all these questions is NO!

They don’t know anything special about the iPhone, they haven’t done independent tests and they certainly don’t give over an Android phone because it best suits the customers needs. It is simply a case of getting better commission from every handset – nothing more.

If you go into a store wanting an iPhone please don’t allow their ignorance and greed to stop you. You aren’t making a bad choice with an iPhone.

If, for some reason, you think an Android device is a good Smartphone then buy the best one you can. But be sure of one thing, no matter how good the hardware is they all run an inferior and infuriating operating system that is often full of security holes and malware.

If you go into the store not knowing what to buy, again, don’t allow them to ram an Android phone down your throat because they are only doing it for commission. Here are some of the lines they use to persuade people to buy an Android:


1. Battery life is better – False. There are plenty of studies that show iPhone battery life is as good as any other phone. This is especially significant when you consider that there are plenty of studies that show people use their iPhones more than Android users.

2. Data charges are higher – False.

3. More people use them – true but who cares! And lets not forget that the Android is a stolen design.

4. They cost less and iPhones are over priced. True and misleading. Yes an Android is generally cheaper but the build quality is generally poorer. An iPhone is about the right price for a well built device.

5. There are more Apps in the Android store – False. At the time of writing there are as many apps in the Android Market Place as the Apple App store but the Android Market Place is not regulated and you are just as likely to download a virus as an App.


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    • Greg Bielleman on December 19, 2012 at 9:18 PM
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    You forgot my pet hate regarding androids – OS upgrades! Patches and upgrades to. Android are released at the discretion of the carrier and or device manufacturer. Uunless you root the device ( ie equivalent of jail breaking ). In which case you can do t yourself if you don’t mind possibly “bricking” the device.

    iPhone updates and fixes are at the discretion of Apple.

    Also android devices tend to be abandon ware once a new model comes out. Case in point is the Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0. It still does nit come with the latest android OS (jellybean) in oz and there is no upgrade even though it is available in other regions?

    I own several iPhones and Androids devices ( a requirement) when developing apps and ven two and a half year old apple device( iPhone 4 ) can run the latest OS ….not so the androids

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