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Is your Mac slow?

Update 16th March 2020: While this article talks at some length about 2012-2014 iMacs it must be said that asn SSD upgrade or any Mac that you find useful will benefit from this upgrade. It has been simply ages since I have been able to write anything useful. Perhaps you’ve wondered what I was doing, …

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Catalina – Wait a while!

Apple have, as they do this time every year, released their latest operating system; Catalina. And in theory it is fantastic. For starters you can now use your iPad as a second screen, a boon to those of us that like to have a spreadsheet on one screen and our email on the other… or …

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Your old software will soon retire for good

I know, it sounds terrible but it is true. In a few months time Apple will release 10.15 and with it full 64bit computing and that means 32bit apps will no longer function. Now I don’t want to get you bogged down in what 32bit and 64bit mean… (essentially it is how the application addresses …

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