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Seldom used features part 6

Here are two features of the MacOSX I bet you don’t use because, well, because they are not often spoken about and, unless you watch Apple keynotes at 3am in the morning, Apple has never advertised. Imagine you have a dozen or so files that you want to put into a folder. In years gone …

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No CD drive. Don’t sweat it.

Sharing things is very important and this is very true when it comes to Apple and CD Roms. For a long time now Apple have been doing to the CD drive that they did to the floppy drive back in the 1990’s, namely killing it off. What with hi speed Internet, movie downloads and USB …

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Sharing web pages

If you’ve ever found yourself reading something on the web and thought “oh, I bet <insert significant other here> would love to read this” I bet you’ve copied the address, opened Mail and pasted the link. There is nothing wrong with this of course but Apple made it much easier in Lion (and Mountain Lion) …

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