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Add a text bubble to your photos

Years ago Apple used to include a little application on your iMac called Comic Life. It was a cute little application that was only used once a year usual (which might explain why it has been discontinued on the Mac) that you could use to add speech bubbles to your photos at Christmas or birthdays. …

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Sign forms without printing them first

  In days of yore your bank – or some such institution – would mail forms for you to sign and have you mail them back. These days they email the forms that they expect you to print out, fill in by hand, sign, scan back into your computer and then email back to them. …

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What is Preview and how do I get the full version?

I will admit, Apple’s built in PDF and picture viewing application is badly named and most people think its a demo version of something. The word Preview, seems to suggest that you use this to look at something but if you actually want to DO anything with that document you need to find another application. …

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