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Get rid of Flash

Steve Jobs knew it way back in 2010 and said as much in an open letter to Adobe telling them that their software was crap and would never be included in iOS until they lifted their game (That is the short version). They, of course, did nothing but as usual Steve was way ahead of …

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Flash in Safari

  Flash has never been good.
 Almost from Day one hackers around the world discovered it was harder to open a packet of salt and vinegar chips than it was to compromise the Flash Plug in. Not that they needed to compromise it very much because its own code was rubbish leading Steve Jobs to …

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Remove Flash?

You know something is bad when Facebook starts talking about security! A few weeks back Facebook urged Adobe to abandon Flash and take it off the market, echoing something Steve Jobs said back in 2010. In Steve’s famous letter to Adobe he called it out as buggy, slow and insecure and this is why, incidentally, …

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Installing Flash

A lot of people have issues installing Flash. This is partly because halfway through the process Adobe use the word “install” – which it doesn’t and partly because  Adobe require you to use a web browser to do the installing – which will make the installer fail. To their credit they do flash instructions up …

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