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Steve Jobs knew it way back in 2010 and said as much in an open letter to Adobe telling them that their software was crap and would never be included in iOS until they lifted their game (That is the short version).

They, of course, did nothing but as usual Steve was way ahead of the curve and slowly, and surely, people started to follow suit.

In 2010 Flash Player was buggy, slow, insecure and increasingly redundant. Other more scalable technologies were on the horizon and one by one companies like google and Microsoft started to distance themselves from Flash Player in favour of html5 and others.

Now you might be thinking… so what, I have never heard of Flash Player!

That is likely true but I can almost bet that at some stage it was installed on your Mac – and might still be.

In a nutshell Flash Player was necessary in order to see certain features of, at least in the dim dark past, a vast array of websites. Graphics, banners, plug ins to feature maps were just some of the things this little troll used to do. But it did it at the expense of speed, reliability and above all security. It was often the weak link in people’s Mac security. It was exploited almost on a weekly basis and it was a job just to keep it from opening the door to hackers. It was the net curtain of computer security.

However, for years now I have been removing it during health checks (did you notice? No, I thought not) and now that the end is finally here, Adobe themselves are prompting people to remove it from their machines via a random dialog box that might appear on your Mac one day.

So, do you have it?

Go to System Preferences.

If Flash Player is at the bottom of your Preferences then yes, you still have it.

If not… yey! Go about your day.

How to remove it.

Open your Applications folder.

Open the Utilities folder.

Locate and run Adobe Flash Manager.

Click on Uninstall.

What if you are randomly prompted to remove Flash Player?

Click on the Uninstall button or follow the steps in How to remove it.

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