Simple Siri tasks

Siri (and other voice assistants) have been around for a long time. So long in fact that most people have forgotten a time when a smartphone didn’t have a digital assistant. And this is ironic because most people don’t use Siri and this is a shame.

It is a bit like having a car with 6 gears and never getting passed the 5th one.

This might be because people are not sure what to say or how to say it.

Despite the claims that you can just ask it to do something, I find it is always best to frame a question or a task in a specific way – halfway to being rude gets the best results, especially if it is noisy… but you might have a better time with Siri because you don’t have a Geordie accent like me.

A good way to get started is trying something simple because a simple command can be modified to do something else. As I am always saying to my household millennial… filling the dishwasher is a lot like filling the washing machine so why not try and adapt the skill?. It is a work in progress. Sigh

Anyway, here are a few simple things anyone can do with their Siri assistant that will blow away your friends.

Most iPhones these days support the “Hey Siri” command so there is no need to even touch the phone when doing most of these things… something that cranks up the cool factor to 11. If not, pressing and holding the Home button and waiting for the “do-do” sound will summon Siri from her slumber.

The trick is to speak clearly and not too quickly but don’t leave long pauses because a pause is her signal to do whatever it is you want.

So assuming you have ‘Hey Siri” try the following…

“Hey Siri… call my wife (or use their name) on speaker phone”

“Hey Siri… send a message to my wife (or use their name), What do you want for dinner” (or insert your message here)

“Hey Siri… what is the temperature going to be today?”

“Hey Siri… set a timer for 3 minutes”

“Hey Siri… when I get home remind me to (insert task here)” 

“Hey Siri… wake me up at 8am”

“Hey Siri… at 10pm remind me to make my lunch”

“Hey Siri… tell me a joke”

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