iPhone on top for Satisfaction

The latest mobile phone satisfaction survey was released recently and, for the 9th survey in a row Apple came out on top.

And why wouldn’t they?

For starters the iOS is easily the most integrated OS not just within itself but with a whole host of other services such as Airplay, Apple TV, iCloud and iTunes, The it is also the safest phone OS with Haemorrhoids Android recently reaching yet another milestone (up 614%) in Malware infection and vulnerability.

And to top it all off, the iOS was recently set up against all the other operating systems by Pfeiffer Consulting and was found to be the easiest of them all to use.

UX Shootout

So the only mystery is, why is Samsung selling so many more of their devices than Apple? This is less of a mystery when you consider just how cheap these things are and how the resellers are offered very fat commissions if they sell an HTC or a Galaxy or some other dam thing instead of an iPhone. If you stand in a Telstra shop I am willing to bet you won’t be there long before you hear someone say “I would like to buy an iPhone please.” only to be told “You don’t want one of those, they cannot <insert a lie here>” and they are moved to the Samsung table.

Until something better built, safer and more integrated comes along I am sticking with my iPhone no matter how big the other guys screens get.

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