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Switching to Mac

A lot of people are moving away from Windows and honestly… why wouldn’t they?

In the home and the office there is precious little the Mac cannot do and even stuff that is simply not written for Mac can be run in virtualisation or Bootcamp*.

If you want to move away from Windows mac services is well placed to make this move as easy as possible. mac services will transfer your data, emails, movies, music and photos and set up your new Mac so it is as familiar as possible. We will also arrange to find and install any software needed to run your printer or scanner.

We can also point you in the direction of an excellent  Switchers training course that revolves around some of the terminology and interface differences that appear confusing (but aren’t really)

Before you commit there are a few steps to take that will make this switch even easier

1. Go through your PC and have a look at the all the applications you use and write them down on a piece of paper – we’ll get to that later.

2. If you use Outlook Express grab yourself a trial copy of Outlook for Windows or Thunderbird and convert your mail to something that is easily transferable.

3. Email that list of favourite PC applications using the form below and we will tell you what is available on the Mac. In most cases the manufacture has a Mac version

You won’t be sorry you switched.

*Virtualisation is when you run Windows and Mac at the sametime using something like Parallels or FusionBootcamp is something offered by Apple and it allows you to reboot your Mac into Windows and then back to Mac.

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