Office is moving to M1 (yawn)

Support for Apple’s M1 chip is certainly ramping up.

While most applications will happily work in emulation, Adobe Photoshop and the gang is on track to be M1 native by early this year. 

Also, Parallels has announced that a version of their Windows emulator will be moving to AMD (rather than Intel) so we can once again run Windows titles on these screamingly fast Macs.

And recently, Microsoft announced M1 support for Office for Mac. This comes as a welcome surprise for those people that seem to think they need Office and frankly it couldn’t hurt. Perhaps with the astronomical performance this chip can deliver, maybe Office might be halfway decent.

But I am still not going to recommend it.

At the end of the day I think for most of us, Office is over priced, over hyped and over complex.

Another word processor that is M1 native (right now) is Pages. And it’s free.

I have spoken about Pages many times before and if you are thinking you might need to update to Office 2019, I urge you to have another look at Apple’s offering.

But there is also Libre Office. This is free, looks like Word and Excel (in the 90’s) but it does the job. Like Pages, it opens Word and saves as word.

I cannot see many reasons for spending money on Office until you have at least tried Pages or Libre Office.

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