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Laptop Killer

  Well this years WWDC conference has only been over for a couple of hours and already the accolades , the criticisms and the predictions have already pitched their stalls on the information superhighway. And to add to them I have a prediction of my own. Or at the very least, a personal affirmation. So …

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Yosemite – Yes or No?

If you are running Mavericks and with Apple supporting hardware all the way back to 2007, it’s really not a question of if can you upgrade to Yosemite but rather would you want too? About now I bet you are wondering why I would even question an Apple upgrade. Surely its faster? Surely its zippier? …

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The only use for LaunchPad

You are going to think me the worst kind of hypocrite. You are going to want me hung from the nearest yard arm and spanked until my bottom is blue. You may even think I have gone mad but I think I have found a use for that ugly stepchild of all interface designs- LaunchPad. …

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