Safari scam

 There has been an increase in a new kind of scam and, sadly, these scum bags are targeting Mac users.

This is what happens.

You might be surfing and you go to a website that is, shall we say, low rent and substandard.

One client was simply looking for a photo of Santa when she was attacked.

Suddenly a dialog box will appear on screen saying that you Mac has been infected or some other kind of nonessential drivel.

You will be urged to click a link or call a toll free number. Do neither.

However, that’s not the end of the story. Because when you go to close the page you cannot and quitting and relaunching Safari doesn’t help either because the page simply loads again.

Thankfully the fix is easy.

First boil the kettle and make a nice cup of tea.

1. Quit Safari.

2. Click on the Finder and click on the Go menu.

3. Press the Option key on your keyboard and you will see the folder Library pop up.

4. Choose this folder.

5. Scroll though the window until you find a folder Application Saved State and open it.

6. Scroll through until you find a folder

7. Trash this folder.

8. Restart your Mac.

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