Why does competition come in the form of a soulless copy?

Competition. Everyone seems to agree that competition is a good thing. Competition, the supporters claim, leads to better service, cheaper prices and better products. Well I have my own view of these claims. I have seen competition lead to trashy and bland food because the food companies need to compete to bring seasonal food all …

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Read in peace

Apple have covered this in press releases and Keynote demos but on a day to day basis this little feature is easy to miss. Of course I am referring to the Reader option. Have you ever wanted to read an article on a  web page and been distracted by all the ads running down the …

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Printing Envelopes on a Mac

Computers and printers have been around for, well, ages really and yet, despite all the whiz bang and the speed, the fonts, the games and the graphic cards, not to mention the mega storage space available to the average computer these days – its the printing of labels and envelopes that seems to have proven …

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