New Macbook Air heralds a new dawn

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, a little staring off into the distance looking all heroic and what not but I just couldn’t think of another way to title this article. You see, quite simply, this laptop is the first one – in such a long time – that is more easily repaired. And that is a good thing.

I am not going into the specs of the laptop (well maybe a bit later)… no doubt it is faster, lighter and certainly has a better keyboard than those of the past. It is the fact that it can be repaired that has got me all hot and bothered. You see for ages the Macbook line has been basically a solid lump of tech. Need a new trackpad…  you are out of luck, it is under the battery that only a masochist would attempt to remove. Need a new battery… I’ll get you the Marquis de Sade’s phone number!

But now Apple has made the battery, the keyboard and the trackpad easier to remove and replace. This means that not only is this the best Macbook you can buy today, but it will last longer because when the inevitable happens and you need it repaired it is not going to cost a fortune in parts (and or) labour.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not perfect. The storage and memory are still things you need to decide on up front and hope that your calculations on what you’ll need remain true for the 5-10 years you might have the unit.

Just for the record the new Macbook Air is:

  • slightly thicker and slightly heavier (bit not so much you’d notice) than the previous Macbook Air
  • has a much improved keyboard than the previous MacBooks
  • is twice as fast as the previous Macbook Air
  • will handle 2 x 4K displays or one 5 or 6K display
  • graphics rendering is 80% better than the previous Macbook Air

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