Here is why Telstra is really the only choice


I have long maintained- if you own a smartphone- that Telstra really is the only choice of carrier. This recommendation doesn’t come without a great deal of handwringing as I know they come with a whole host of issues- but signal speed and strength isn’t one of them. Their customer service for a example is slightly less terrible than losing your leg in an escalator accident but I think I have found a remedy to that. The shop front at the Tuggeranong Hyperdome has to be the best and most customer focused of any telco anywhere and I have heard they have another good one in Belconnen. The difference, I am told, is that these particular shopfronts are actually owned by Telstra where the others are franchised. In any event when compared to the clueless teenagers at the Woden Optus store who merely grunt at you before gesturing to a phone on the wall (so you can call head office yourself), these Telstra stores are a beacon of customer service. If you have an iPhone, iPad or home phone with Telstra I encourage you to take your issue- and your business- to them.

Now that the customer service elephant has been acknowledged, what about signal strength?
Thanks to the website Cult of Mac I discovered the fantastic site that vividly demonstrates the various carrier strength in any area. Simply by typing in your postcode or country of choice you can instantly see how well all the major carriers are doing in terms of coverage.


It doesn’t come as any surprise to me that Telsta- at least in the Canberra region- out performs Optus both in strength and speed. I am writing this article on a Telstra powered iPad and- to date- haven’t needed to call Telstra for any reason and have enjoyed a strong and fast Internet connection no matter where I am. On the other hand I have an iPhone powered by Optus and I have

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