WIFI isn’t the internet

So, you are reading this so that means you have internet connection. And that is a good thing! God knows, you are paying enough for it. And when I say “it” I am of course talking about the mysterious service that you bought from a voice in South Africa that often does anything but what …

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Get rid of Flash

Steve Jobs knew it way back in 2010 and said as much in an open letter to Adobe telling them that their software was crap and would never be included in iOS until they lifted their game (That is the short version). They, of course, did nothing but as usual Steve was way ahead of …

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Yes Sur

Big Sur has finally been released and, as is always the case, it is worth making sure that all your applications will work or at the very least can be easily upgraded or updated before you even think about installing. While you are thinking about whether or not to update, (and I note with delight …

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My iPhone 12

Recently I waffled on about the iPhone 12 and how, on its own merits, it wasn’t really enough to warrant an upgrade. Supposing your current device was something that held a charge and ran the latest OS. Having said all of that I have bought an iPhone 12. Now, before you hunt me down as …

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iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 range dropped into history today (14th Oct 2020) and Apple promised it was a “whole new chapter for the iPhone” Well… I dunno. Really? I mean, sure, the processor is faster (isn’t it always?), the camera is better (yes, we’ve seen that every year since 2007) and the design has been updated …

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