You don’t have to read it all at once

We’ve all be there.
You are reading a great article on – for example – and you are called away. In the past you have promised yourself to remember the address or you have emailed yourself the article and this has lead to frustration (when you realize you can’t remember the address after all) and an inbox full of half read websites.
There is a better way.
When called away from that wonderfully riveting article at, click on the Reading List icon in Safari and you will be introduced to your very own Scrapbook of website addresses.


or here in iOS…


Once there all you have to do is click on Add to Reading List and the website and all its goodies will be cached to your personal Reading List. And the coolest thing of all is that this list is magically and quietly synced to all your devices, meaning that the website you started reading on your iPhone can be finished on your iPad or your iMac.

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