Upgraded Macbooks and New Macbook

Macbook with Retina Display
At the WWDC today Apple announced – as expected – a new Macbook. If you are a real hardware tragic then feel free to hope over the Apple website where you will be served up enough detail to pop a button but for most of us, me included, it comes down to a very simple equation. How big, how heavy, how long does the battery last, how much and is it worth it?

How big is 1.8cm, the weight is an eyebrow raising 2.02kg, the price is a positively nerve shredding $3199 – something Apple cleverly glossed over during the Keynote – and the battery lasts an impressive 7 hours.

So is it worth it? Well its not for me but then again I am not the type that needs a super computer slowly cooking my lap to medium rare. But this is a seriously fast, thin and – by all accounts – gob smackingly beautiful laptop with its 15 inch Retina display. So if you want something that has enough computer power to run a small university and is thin enough to slice lemons then yes, its worth it.

For those of us that find the average laptop to be just fine then the upgrades to the current models are welcomed indeed. With bigger, faster hard disks, more ram and better graphics and a price drop its all good news for us lower down on the laptop evolutionary scale.

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