The new Fusion drive might be why you buy a new Mac

Apple recently released a whole slew of new Macs in the form of a new- impossibly thin – iMac and the new Mac Mini.

While the new iMac is eye popping in its design it wouldn’t be enough for me to recommend buying one unless your current model is wheezing and about to drop. For me the decision to upgrade is simply based on:

a) is my mac about to die or;

b) Is my mac struggling to do what I need it to do

At the moment my mac is in very good health and it does everything I need but these new models might very well make me break my fundamental rule.

Both the Mac Mini and the iMac now feature the Fusion drive. Essentially this is a marriage of a solid state drive and a traditional hard disk. The net result of this is the high speed performance of an SSD drive but the relatively inexpensive storage of a traditional drive. The Mac OS very cleverly figures out what applications are used most frequently and moves them to the fusion drive. Its seamless, automatic and completely transparent to the user.

What is surprising is the real world speed increase between a Mac that doesn’t have a fusion drive and one that does.

This video demonstrates this fact very well and I have to admit that I am so impressed I am seriously thinking about upgrading.

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