Stop browsers from tracking you

Cookies don’t just have the potential for weight gain they can also be used to track your every move.

Of course I am talking about Browser cookies and not those delicious soft centered biscuits with chocolate chip coasting and…. pardon me a second, I need something to eat.

That’s better…. Now, where was I?

Oh yes, Cookies.

Google have recently been in the press for purposely circumventing Safari’s privacy feature in order to track your every movement. Once exposed they ceased the practice but if you ask me it’s just another reason to distrust google.

Fortunately however there is a free Safari and Firefox plug in that stops all manner of tracking dead in its tracks.

Do not Track+, or DNT+ for short, installs quickly and easily and it goes to work straight away blocking everything.

There really is very little to do after this aside from enjoying the ever increasing tally of blocked cookies or perhaps taking the trouble of unblocking a tracker that- for reasons that baffle me- you might want to track you.

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