SSL Bug – more whooo than haaaah

All over the press there are stories about serious bug in the MacOSX and in iOS that threatens to leak all your private web traffic all over the Internet.
Listening to them you’d be forgiven for thinking that your bank account details are going to posted on Facebook sites all over the world.

Truth is….
Yes there is a bug.
Yes it is serious and steps have already been taken to plug it.
No, there’s only a “proof of concept” out there. There is no evidence that anyone has, or even knows how, to exploit this bug.

For iOS users, download the latest version of the iOS and you’ll be fixed.
MacOSX users, download the latest version of the OS from software updates.

Above all…. Don’t panic.

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    • Kevin Dilks on March 3, 2014 at 10:50 AM
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    What is you take on the Maverick upgrade?

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