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You know something is bad when Facebook starts talking about security!

A few weeks back Facebook urged Adobe to abandon Flash and take it off the market, echoing something Steve Jobs said back in 2010. In Steve’s famous letter to Adobe he called it out as buggy, slow and insecure and this is why, incidentally, your iPad has never supported Flash.

This plea was in the face of a growing trend of hackers using the Rock of Gibraltar sized holes in Flash programming to exploit users and websites.

Part of Facebook’s rant was for users to remove Flash from their computers altogether and while this is sound security advice it does present some issues.

You see many websites still use Flash to deliver content despite the fact that alternatives like HTML5 have been available for years now. So removing Flash will stop some websites from functioning correctly and with that in mind it comes down to the old argument of convenience v threat.

First and foremost it is important to remember that the threat to Mac users is minimal and this is especially true if you receive regular health checks from us because we always update Flash as par for the course.

But if you do want to remove Flash from your Mac this guide from Adobe will help.

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