New iMac- possibly

I was thinking about Apple and their recent hardware releases and I think I can predict what the next iMac will look like.

It’s no secret that Apple want to bring the iOS interface to the desktop (or something like it) and I think this might be a clue to where they are heading.

Also, as digital download becomes more popular the CD/DVD drive is becoming less relevant and Apple have already started releasing hardware without a media drive at all. It started with the MacBook Air and recently moved to the Mac Mini. It seems they are taking the same view of the CD that they did with floppy back in the 1990s. When they omitted to include one in the original iMac people said they were mad.
But how many people use floppies today?

Solid state hard disks are rapidly coming down in price putting them within the grasp of us normal people. Bang for buck is not quite there yet but the street price for a 240GB SD is currently running at around $300.

It’s also clear that apple have a long standing love affair with wireless devices, whether they be keyboards, mice or printers. Anything to reduce clutter and ports.

So what does all this mean for the iMac? Well this is what I see for the future of the iMac.
A 27 or 30 inch flat screen, 10mm thick with no cd drive. This screen will be set atop an aluminum stand in portrait mode with a wireless keyboard and mouse. And while I cannot even begin to imagine what the interface will look like or be capable of it will certainly be touch-centric on this new device.

Imagine a giant iPad with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

You read it first here. 😉

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