NBN and Airport router

With NBN creeping its way into more and more homes and yet more moving to VDSL, it is inevitable that your Airport/modem setup is going to get broken along the way.

While I won’t go into the specific behaviour of your average internet tech, it does seem like they are given a crash course in modems in the van on their way to the customers house.

I have heard many stories of them shuffling into a customer’s house, avoiding eye contact, dumping the modem on the desk, fitting the wires and leaving via the kitchen window when no one is looking.

Any suggestion that they might actually cable up and reconfigure the existing router elicits the kind of response you might expect if you’d just asked a plumber to perform open heart surgery.

So what the client is left with is a new – hopefully working- modem, with a new wireless network that nothing works with except the iMac that is physically plugged directly into the aforementioned modem. They are left with a flashing yellow light on the airport and if they were flash enough to have an extended network then, I am afraid, the back bedroom is out of luck.

It is confusing because you can still “see” your modem but the smart telly no longer works, Foxtel will no longer record and print jobs disappear into the ether.

In simple terms the tech should have turned off the new wireless network and rejigged the Airport to work with the new router.

But the good news is your airport router can (and should) be still used and your backups will work again. Everything will be just as it was, except with faster internet.

If this has happened to you and you’ve given up on getting it working, drop us a line and we can arrange a time to fix it so it works like it should (and did) before the NBN tech dragged mud into your livingroom.

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