Your old software will soon retire for good

I know, it sounds terrible but it is true.

In a few months time Apple will release 10.15 and with it full 64bit computing and that means 32bit apps will no longer function.

Now I don’t want to get you bogged down in what 32bit and 64bit mean… (essentially it is how the application addresses memory)… the main thing is your favourite word processor or chess game or calculus application will no longer function. To paraphrase the mighty Python… It will be an ex-app.

So what applications do you currently have that are destined to expire? What can be done?

Firstly, have a look at this article I wrote back in April 2018 to find out how to list all the 32bit apps you have installed. If you find that most of them are Apple branded applications then don’t worry… in most cases they will be updated if you install 10.15.

Of course that raises a very good point… IF you install 10.15. There is no law that says you need too and if upgrading means you need to spend thousands of dollars on new software it might be a good idea to hold off. But make no mistake, the day will come when you are forced to make that decision and spend that money. If your Mac dies, a new one will surely come with 10.15. Eventually 10.13 and 10.14 will no longer be supported so to remain secure you need to update. Or someone like Adobe, who recently threatened to take legal action against customers who use old software, will force your hand.

Better to do it now I say… while you are in control and it can done at your pace.

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    I know it is not the main point of the article – but man I dig your cat box!

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