Is Siri really that bad?


There was a recent survey among iPhone users who were asked what they thought of Siri. It seems only about half of iPhone 4S owners use Siri and of those only about half would rate it as acceptable. Even the ones that like it only used it about once a month.
This this far from the vision of using Siri all day everyday for everything.
So it’s a dud! Right?
Well I am here to tell you, hand on my heart, that I use Siri everyday and it use her for all sorts of tasks.
Every morning, leaving the office, I call clients using the call “call on his iPhone” command.
I listen to text messages and reply to them all throughout the day.
I ask Siri to “Show me the contact details for ” when looking for someone’s address.
After talking to someone who wants to see me at a particular time or a particular day I use the “Set up an appointment with at 10 am on the 1st June” command.

And about a dozen times a day I tell her to remind me to do something when I get home or my next client. This, above all, is a God send and I couldn’t do without it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all Star Trek and plain sailing. There are times when she ignores me entirely and there are times that she politely tells me that she cannot take requests right at the moment. I think most of this is due to Optus’ crumby network, but it doesn’t help.
There are times when she totally loses the plot and trust me when that happens its best to just stop and do it yourself. No amount of t-a-l-k-i-n-g s-l-o-w-l-y or shouting changes anything. I’d she has decided not to understand you that’s it’s. Try later.

So I don’t know why the survey takers are so mean and I don’t know why they don’t use her more often. It is possible and it does work and when she lets me down or makes me mad all I have to do is remember that Siri is a beta product.
If you have an iPhone 4S give her a try. To get started you can buy a “Siri for Dummies” book or have a look at this excellent website.
Or you can have a looks at my article.

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