iPhone SE is better than you might think.

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When the iPhone 6 was released in 2014 users of the Apple flagship device drew a collective sigh of relief and when the 6 Plus was released iPad users wondered what the hell was going on. However, regardless of the opinions and press attention –  negative or otherwise – each device attracted it was generally decided that Apple had resigned the 4 inch form factor to history.

Well, as it turns out that conclusion was, in a word, counterfactual.

Thanks mum for the new Thesaurus, it is coming in very handy.

It seems that while some were running around trying to bend the iPhone in half and declare it a dud millions more were lining up for days on end just so they could be one of the first to have one. However there were those that missed the smaller iPhone and have since held onto their iPhone 4 or 5 for dear life.

I must confess I wasn’t one of those that missed the small iPhone and I still don’t. To me, the future is the iPhone 6S sized phone so I was a little shocked to read that Apple were considering a jump back into the form factor that only two years ago seemed so 2013. I sat, at 4am, in disbelief when I saw that the new iPhone was, at least on the surface, just an iPhone 5S renamed the iPhone SE. What were they thinking? Had they found a crate load of iPhone 5S shells hidden in a cupboard that needed using? Where there really that many people out there that still wanted the smaller phone?

Who on earth would want one of these?

Well, as it turns out, my wife did.

iPhone 5se, iPhone 6 and 6 plus

It seems that she was always one of these eye swivelling loonies that didn’t like the size of the new iPhone 6 and was holding onto her 4S like it was a life raft and would be sailing on it still had she not been forced to upgrade in order to run her Apple Watch.

So, as soon as stocks would allow us (our local Telstra store and Apple sold out twice) we grabbed one and the minute we had it home the wife – looking a lot like Gollum with his ring it must be said – spirited it and herself to the study to set it up.

When I finally managed to get my hands on it I was shocked by how fast and light it seemed. As it turns out Apple hadn’t simply renamed a bunch of old shells they had found behind the sofa but rather crammed it with all the components of an iPhone 6 into the iPhone 5 form factor. The A9 chip and extra ram along with the 12 Megapixel camera mean that lovers of the iPhone 5 could enjoy the features we iPhone 6 users had come to know and love, with the notable exception of force touch.

There is no doubt it is a wonderful little phone and if you don’t want an iPhone 6 then it would be a better proposition than the identity theft box otherwise known as, an Android phone.

I am still a little confused though. I don’t know why Apple didn’t make a small version of the iPhone 6 in its current form factor? Could this mean the iPhone 7 will look more like the iPhone SE? I cannot figure out why they didn’t give the new phone force touch but most of all I cannot begin to understand what possessed them to call it the iPhone SE? How does that fit in to their current naming conventions. Can you see Apple releasing the iPhone SES next year?

No, me neither.

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