Gmail will no longer work on your iPhone (sort of)

gmail logoGoogle announced today that they are discontinuing Active Sync services on their gmail service. This is a very geeky way of saying that Push notification on Mail applications on the iPhone and Windows phones will  not longer work making gmail useless on those devices.

While this can be described as diabolical on the part of google, for iPhone users its not all bad news. Google offer a gmail app for the iPhone that will continuing to work in something like a useful fashion so if you really wan to use gmail on your iPhone you still can.

But there is no such application for the Windows Phone and Google have, and I quote, “no plans to change that”

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    • Greg Bielleman on January 23, 2013 at 8:49 PM
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    I always enjoy ldelving into the google analytical stats for mobile websites at my work…it’s usually a rough 60-40 split between IOS devices and Android….it’s a special day when a windows based phoner pops up on the radar so no wonder Google can’t be bothered developing for it.

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