Backups are very important and yet most people don’t do them and those that do don’t take them off site.

Often the backup is to a hard disk or a Time Capsule (or equiverlent) that stays at home – right next to their precious Mac.

This is fine until there is a fire, a flood or worse still, a theft.

Please make sure you backup in someway, but which ever way you choose, using an offsite service is a great addition to your backup strategy.

This is where the new Backblaze service comes in.

BackBlaze is a very Maccentric application that will backup all your important files in the background without you ever knowing about it (which is the best way in my opinion)

What’s more they have a quick and reliable way of getting ALL your data back to you when its needed and your backups are unlimited for only $65.00 a year.***

Give the 15 Day free trial a go today, click here.

You won’t be sorry.

*** Some ISPs charge for uploads as well as downloads. Please consult with your internet provider before installing.

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