Add a text bubble to your photos

Years ago Apple used to include a little application on your iMac called Comic Life.

It was a cute little application that was only used once a year usual (which might explain why it has been discontinued on the Mac) that you could use to add speech bubbles to your photos at Christmas or birthdays.

It helped the long winter nights just fly by.

Anyhoo… this application no longer runs on the modern MacOS and while an upgrade is available for $30 or more there is a cheaper (aka free) method using the software you already have on your Mac right now.

As always the magic happens in that Swiss Army application known as Preview.

  1. Locate your photo (from a camera or Photos) and stick it on the desktop.

(You can edit it from within the Photos app but my guess is you don’t want this to be permanently in Photos)

2. Double click to open it in Preview.

3. Click on Markup and add a speech bubble icon.


4. Adjust the colour and thickness of the line to suit.

5. Add a text box and add text.

6. Adjust the font and text to suit

7. Choose Save

8. Share your creation with your intended victim and enjoy the rest of your day.

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