A RAM upgrade is the best thing you can do


Overtime a computer seems to slow down, and sometimes this can happen not because it has a fault of any kind, but rather because your demands on the Mac have increased.

An upgrade of the OS, a new application or a new hobby that sees you using iPhoto more and more will all slow the Mac down.

So what is to be done? A new Mac? Ditch the photography hobby and go back to jigsaws?

A ram upgrade is still the single best – and cheapest – performance upgrade you can make to your Mac.

But before you charge ahead and order that ram, keep in mind that every Mac has a maximum amount of ram that can be installed.

If you send your Mac info to us  and we will tell you what ram upgrade is best for you and its price, including installation.

Here is how to get that info….

1. Click on the Apple menu

2. Click on About this Mac

3. Click on More info

4. Click on System Info

5. Copy the hardware information into an email and send it to this address.




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