Lion 10.7.3 Update- Beware

Yesterday Apple released an update to Lion and while this is normally a reason to celebrate and enjoy the bug fixes and enhancements that always come with such an update – this one has a sting!

The update located in Software update is a delta update (only updates what is needed) and this one can cause issues including freezing and screen distortion. DON’T DOWNLOAD THE UPDATE FROM SOFTWARE UPDATE.

Update 5 Feb 2012:  The delta update has been removed from Apple Update service.

There is another type of install – a combo update – and this updates everything and it has been reported that this update is error free.

If you receive regular health checks from us then you don’t have to do anything – it will be done during your next check.

If you need to install it yourself I recommend you get it from the Apple downloads page and be sure to download the Combo installer.

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