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Jun 14

RansomWare attacks remind us to keep our macs up-to-date

The recent Ransomware attack on May, 2017 was big news. Really big. This was mainly because the Wannacry virus hit Government servers and shut down hospitals and other services all around the world, thus threatening global finance and lives. It was, in fact, the largest Ransomware attack in history. As this was a Windows only attack I …

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Nov 20

The best way to run Windows on your Mac.

While I would rather shave my head and paint it purple than run Windows as my main interface, I do accept that there is a need to run it every now and then. Many of us (me included) have a Windows application or two that we need to run. I always look for alternative but …

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May 20

Stop Lion from opening windows

Do you remember the good old days when a computer would cheerfully close all windows when you shut down your computer? These days it is a ‘feature’ that Lion reopens all your windows and relaunches all your applications upon reboot. This is often the very thing you don’t want at reboot time, so its not …

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Apr 22

Apple at work

I have decided to buy an Aston Martin with the proceeds I received from getting a dollar everytime someone says “Apples are good with graphics but thats all.” Ok, well perhaps not an Aston Martin, but if I really did get a dollar everytime someone said that I could maybe go on a short holiday. …

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Mar 03

Why does competition come in the form of a soulless copy?

Competition. Everyone seems to agree that competition is a good thing. Competition, the supporters claim, leads to better service, cheaper prices and better products. Well I have my own view of these claims. I have seen competition lead to trashy and bland food because the food companies need to compete to bring seasonal food all …

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