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Aug 21

Google Earth Updater

  It’s very likely that in the last few days you have seen the above dialog appear on your screen. You didn’t ask for this update and all of a sudden you are being asked to enter your password! You have every right to be suspicious but rest assured all the chatter on the net …

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Sep 30

Shellshock- are you at risk.

About a week ago a security flaw was discovered the Unix operating system. This immediately began sounding alarm bells around the world because the Unix operating system is imbedded in a lot of technology these days- including your Macintosh. Despite the fact that this security issue is widespread and potentially disastrous –  in realistic terms there is …

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Feb 13

Lion 10.7.3 Update- Beware

Yesterday Apple released an update to Lion and while this is normally a reason to celebrate and enjoy the bug fixes and enhancements that always come with such an update – this one has a sting! The update located in Software update is a delta update (only updates what is needed) and this one can …

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