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Feb 11

Siri on the desktop

The arrival of Sierra back in Oct 2016 had me more excited than usual. Whereas in the past I had recommended caution and a “wait and see” attitude to upgrading, this time saw me diving in head first. There were a lot of reasons for this uncharacteristic gay abandon. Security had been improved – sure, …

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Nov 01

Apple TV 4th Gen – The Saviour of TV

For the last ten years or so I have been more willing to spoon feed my eyeballs to the cat than watch a single second of commercial TV. So it will come as no surprise, I am sure, that I have been a big fan of the Apple TV ever since its release in 2007. …

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Sep 26

iOS9 is here and waiting

iOS9 has arrived and is waiting, patiently, to be introduced to your iPhone or iPad by way of the Settings App. The first consideration is does your device support it and then of course its a question of should you? iOS9 is suitable for any device that is currently running iOS8: iPhone 4S iPhone 5 iPhone …

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Sep 18

El Capitan v Windows 10

So what on earth am I doing writing an article about Windows 10?  Why, for pity sake, is this post on a website devoted to Apple and their halo-istic (is there is such a word) products? Well the answer to this is two fold. Often we need to install Windows on either a boot camp …

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Nov 18

Turn by Turn arrives on the iPhone

You might recall me standing up for Apple Maps when they first arrived. Poo Pooing the howls from the popular press about how inaccurate they were. How half baked they were. How unApple they were. I still hold onto that view, despite finding some errors in the maps, but for the most part it has …

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