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Mar 27

Installing Sierra? You might want to avoid this step.

  Don’t get me wrong, I think Sierra is a great operating system and have installed it on absolutely anything that will take it. I love Siri on the desktop, I love Apple Pay in the browser and all the other 160+ improvements that came with it. I would encourage you to install it but …

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Feb 11

Siri on the desktop

The arrival of Sierra back in Oct 2016 had me more excited than usual. Whereas in the past I had recommended caution and a “wait and see” attitude to upgrading, this time saw me diving in head first. There were a lot of reasons for this uncharacteristic gay abandon. Security had been improved – sure, …

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Feb 11

That little green dot

When Apple released OSX to the world in 2001 it was a bold departure from OS9 in many ways. Secure, rich in content and very colourful. One of the more obvious features were the three coloured orbs in the left of every Finder window. They looked like little glass beads and nowadays they are affectionately …

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Oct 12

MacOS Sierra

For the first time ever, Apple are automatically downloading Sierra to your Mac ready for install. Of course this can be ignored and your mac left untouched. However a lot of people are installing the OS update thinking it is just one of those regular updates that pop up from time to time without realising …

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