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Feb 14

Flash in Safari

  Flash has never been good.
 Almost from Day one hackers around the world discovered it was harder to open a packet of salt and vinegar chips than it was to compromise the Flash Plug in. Not that they needed to compromise it very much because its own code was rubbish leading Steve Jobs to …

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Jul 07

New Malware – be aware

  The scumbags of the IT world are out in force again and this time they have released a new Malware attack for Mac. As usual it is important to remember that this attack – like all the others thus far – are limited and specific in their delivery method. In other words, you won’t …

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Jul 24

Remove Flash?

You know something is bad when Facebook starts talking about security! A few weeks back Facebook urged Adobe to abandon Flash and take it off the market, echoing something Steve Jobs said back in 2010. In Steve’s famous letter to Adobe he called it out as buggy, slow and insecure and this is why, incidentally, …

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Sep 02

Recent nude photo scandal has implications for you

Even if the most risqué photo on your iPhone is a cat cleaning itself the recent theft of nude photos from 100 of Hollywood’s hottest stars will affect you and your iCloud account. The initial report suggested that iCloud had in fact been hacked but Apple has since announced that the attack was “specific” and “targeted” …

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Jul 12

Mountain Lion Security

When you installed Mountain Lion later this month you might find that you cannot install software. Don’t worry this isn’t a bug but rather a feature. Mountain Lion is designed to stop any installer in its tracks that either a) didn’t come directly from the Mac Appstore or b) has registered itself with Apple. However …

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