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Oct 23

Safari scam

 There has been an increase in a new kind of scam and, sadly, these scum bags are targeting Mac users. This is what happens. You might be surfing and you go to a website that is, shall we say, low rent and substandard. One client was simply looking for a photo of Santa when she …

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Aug 28

Rules to deal with scams

This article is probably the kind of thing you should print out and put next to your computer. Its probably worth forwarding onto your friends as well.       Scams are getting more and more personal, with maggots masquerading as human beings calling you up to fleece you up close and personal. Sometimes it …

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Apr 01

Telstra Scams and more

Lets make a promise to each other…. NEVER, EVER, EVER ,EVER –  at ANYTIME – EVER email your personal details to ANY organisation that requests it. NO BANK, NO TELCO (Optus, Bigpond, Telstra, 3, ect) NO BUILDING SOCIETY, PAYPAL, EBAY, NO ONE – EVER will ask for your user name, password, date of birth, anything – unless hey are trying to scam you. What, I bet you are wondering, has prompted …

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