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Feb 14

Flash in Safari

  Flash has never been good.
 Almost from Day one hackers around the world discovered it was harder to open a packet of salt and vinegar chips than it was to compromise the Flash Plug in. Not that they needed to compromise it very much because its own code was rubbish leading Steve Jobs to …

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Jul 13

Don’t be alarmed by this weird message

It only takes your daughter to spontaneously clean her room or a politician to put the people’s needs and wants ahead of those lining his/her pockets to realise that you haven’t seen everything. I had one such experience the other day when a dialog box appeared on my iPhone that simply read: Passcode Requirement: You …

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Oct 23

Safari scam

 There has been an increase in a new kind of scam and, sadly, these scum bags are targeting Mac users. This is what happens. You might be surfing and you go to a website that is, shall we say, low rent and substandard. One client was simply looking for a photo of Santa when she …

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Mar 03

Sharing web pages

If you’ve ever found yourself reading something on the web and thought “oh, I bet <insert significant other here> would love to read this” I bet you’ve copied the address, opened Mail and pasted the link. There is nothing wrong with this of course but Apple made it much easier in Lion (and Mountain Lion) …

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Sep 01

Where has my google search gone?

When Mountain Lion pounced earlier this year few released, until it was too late, that their Google search box had disappeared from Safari. Not long after that Apple released an update to Safari for 10.7.4 and suddenly it disappeared for Lion users as well. Well the good news is this is not an error but …

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