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Jul 24

Remove Flash?

You know something is bad when Facebook starts talking about security! A few weeks back Facebook urged Adobe to abandon Flash and take it off the market, echoing something Steve Jobs said back in 2010. In Steve’s famous letter to Adobe he called it out as buggy, slow and insecure and this is why, incidentally, …

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Aug 28

Remove Genieo from your Mac

From time to time, when downloading legitimate applications, they come bundled with utilities that are both self promoting and buggy. MacKeeper comes to mind and I have written about that digital excrement before here but this time I need to warn you about Genieo. I first noticed Genieo a few years ago on a clients computer.  Back then thought it …

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May 26

Remove duplicates from iPhoto

When IPhoto was released it was called the “digital shoebox” in which to put all your photos. It has moved on since then to allow you to sort and share in all manner of ways it is essentially remains the dumping ground of all your photos – just like that shoebox you used to use …

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Apr 21

Dont Keep MacKeeper

There are a vast number of system optimization tools out there for the Mac. Normally, at best, they do nothing at all and at their worst they ruin your Mac. Normally this isn’t an issue because these tools don’t advertise themselves very well and many people don’t know anything about them so the fallout is …

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