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Apr 15

Create a secure PDF file

I have said it many times… a PDF is the way to send a document via email. It can be read by any device, on any platform and the look, the formatting, you intended is never lost. Fortunately for us Mac users the ability to create a PDF from any document has been part of …

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Nov 09

New iWork is a joke – but there is hope.

On the 23rd of October Apple did one of the stupidest things they have ever done. They killed the iWork suite of applications just when it was starting to gain traction again the default Office suite. They upgraded them to a point that rendered the suite useless. (Actually this isn’t the first time they have …

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Oct 20

iWork in the cloud – at last

Up till now if you wanted to sit down and compose a Pages document (or Keynote presentation or Numbers spreadsheet for that matter) you needed to do it at your Mac.  Its true that you could do this on your iPad or iPhone but sometimes you need a bigger screen. Sometimes to need more elbow …

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May 29

Apple don’t make it obvious but it can be done

. Apple sure don’t help themselves with their choice of menus. Their classic habit of referring to “folders” in the Mail application as “mailboxes” has always been a head scratcher for me. Last year it became apparent that those who use iPad or iPhone can save documents to cloud based services like Dropbox. All of …

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