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Jun 20

The new Airport Express. Cute but dumb.

I was looking at the new Airport Express and it suddenly reminded me of my cat; cute but dumb. Why is it cute I hear you ask? Well for starters the form factor is gorgeous and the finish and attention to detail is superb, essentially it’s an Airport Extreme but in miniature. If you’ve ever …

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Mar 23

New iMac- possibly

I was thinking about Apple and their recent hardware releases and I think I can predict what the next iMac will look like. It’s no secret that Apple want to bring the iOS interface to the desktop (or something like it) and I think this might be a clue to where they are heading. Also, …

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Mar 21

The New iPad (aka niPad)

The iPad 3 has arrived except its not called the iPad 3 but rather the New iPad. So now that that it has finally been released what is it all about and is it worth upgrading? Once upon a time things like a new Apple product were never reported outside of blogs like this or …

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