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Jul 07

New Malware – be aware

  The scumbags of the IT world are out in force again and this time they have released a new Malware attack for Mac. As usual it is important to remember that this attack – like all the others thus far – are limited and specific in their delivery method. In other words, you won’t …

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Sep 26

XcodeGhost malware hack on IOS

Has my iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) been infected with Malware? Probably not. What happened? Since the introduction of the App Store in 2008 there have been 4 (out of 1.4 million) applications found to have code that was considered to be malicious. That compares to 33% of applications discovered in the Android Market Place – …

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Dec 07

The balance between speed and security

It is sad to think that there would be no need for Anti Virus, Anti Spam or Anti Malware services if the world wasn’t overflowing with the kind of filth that writes malicious applications. A world free of these creeps is, I fear, a Disney fantasy. In response to this threat most of us install …

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Oct 27

iPhone on top for Satisfaction

The latest mobile phone satisfaction survey was released recently and, for the 9th survey in a row Apple came out on top. And why wouldn’t they? For starters the iOS is easily the most integrated OS not just within itself but with a whole host of other services such as Airplay, Apple TV, iCloud and …

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Apr 21

Making your Mac more secure

In the wake of the recent FlashBack Malware attack it is worth having a look at some of the free and easy things you can do to make your Mac a little more secure. The web is a wonderful place for information and services but sadly it has lowlife scumbags looking to rip you off …

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